Women's Collection

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LC06 women's lowtop sneaker with white leather upper and neon pink detail at the heel, worn by model hanging over a chair.


Our men's selection for this season and beyond.

Leather Crown midtop Earth style in camouflage canvas being worn by a male model.


The new retro inspired classic.

Model T retro inspired style in white and grey leather with recycled rubber sole, being worn by a model.

LC 06

The style that started it all

LC06 style with white leather upper with green detailing being held up in the hands of a model.


Fresh and classic low-top

Studlight lowtop style with white leather upper, with neon pink detailing and silver studs, held in the hand of a model.


Low-top in its purest form

Two Pure lowtop style sneakers - one in grey suede and the other in white side by side.


High-top homage to studs

Studborn midtop style in full white leather upper with silver studs, being worn by a standing model.


12 Limited Edition pairs

Riserva lowtop style with patchwork colourful uppers. Pictured on the production line in the factory.

Discover the Leather Crown luxury sneaker collection for men and women. 

Designer luxury sneakers | Low-top and mid-top styles | Made in Italy.